Hey, I'm Matteo.

I'm a Frontend Developer

Tech-savvy entrepreneur passionate about innovation and positive change. Ready to contribute expertise to cutting-edge projects, always seeking new challenges.


Driven by a love for coding since a young age, I embarked on an extraordinary journey that led me to the Apple Developer Academy .

Fueling my ambition, I joined 42 ROMA LUISS, where I honed my development skills in a challenging yet supportive environment.

Simultaneously, I co-founded Deckx, a revolutionary platform connecting companies with top-notch developers, where I've raised over 280K in funding. Combining technical proficiency with an entrepreneurial spirit, I thrive on innovation and positive change.

Working with international teams enriched my professional experience and made me an open-minded, flexible professional capable of easily adapting to global work environments. Constantly seeking new challenges, I am ready to contribute my expertise to cutting-edge projects.

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2021 - 2023

Led the ideation, validation, and development processes, ensuring the platform's functionality and user experience. My role extended beyond the technical domain, as I orchestrated targeted marketing strategies that catapulted Deckx into the limelight, fostering heightened brand recognition and drawing the attention of companies and developers. I successfully secured €280K in funding from three VC: Hook VC, LVenture, and Exor VC.

2019 - Present
Software Engineer

I've worked as a freelance developer, specializing in both iOS and web development. In iOS development, I crafted user-friendly applications for Apple devices, showcasing a profound understanding of the iOS ecosystem. Simultaneously, as a web developer, I created dynamic and responsive websites using various technologies, offering versatile solutions across different platforms.

Chiorino spa
Summer 2016 & Summer 2017
IT support (High School stage)

Worked in a data center, performing tasks such as technical assistance, computer configuration, and network management. I provided support, optimized computer systems, and ensured seamless network connectivity.


42 Roma Luiss
2020 - 2022
(Italian École 42)

I immersed myself in peer-to-peer learning and project-based educational approach. Through this unique model, I honed robust problem-solving abilities and technical skills, crafting a solid foundation in coding. 42's emphasis on autonomy and adaptability has not only shaped my skills but has also instilled in me a mindset geared towards continual learning and innovation. This educational journey at 42 has been pivotal in preparing me for the dynamic challenges of the tech industry

Apple Developer Academy
2018 - 2019
Chosen among 345 candidates from a pool of 9,000+ applicants

Graduated from the esteemed Apple Developer Academy. Attained practical expertise in app development, software engineering, and entrepreneurship. Collaborated within a diverse global community of skilled developers, fostering innovation and creativity. Engaged with developers from 27 different nations, enhancing the richness of collaborative experiences.

ITIS Q. Sella
2013 - 2018
Elected Vice President of the Student Council of Biella

I pursued my education at the IT high school, where my academic journey extended beyond traditional coursework. Notably, I earned the distinction of being elected Vice President of the City Student Council, a testament to my commitment to student advocacy and collaborative initiatives. Alongside my academic pursuits, I obtained the license to code and operated COMAU's robotic arms, showcasing a multifaceted dedication to both theoretical and applied aspects of technology.

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